Professional Profile

Meet my professional experiences, expectations and challenges.


Chemical and materials engineer and project management

Edmar Pochmann Magalhaes, MSc, senior officer of the Navy Reserve, graduated in Chemical Engineering, State University of Rio de Janeiro. Postgraduate Certificate in Systems Analysis, focusing on project management and systems modeling. Work performed at the Center for Technology Aeronautics Technology Center of the Army, Military Institute of Engineering, National Institute of Technology, ICV-Madrid-Spain-Netherlands PANalytical, Morgan - England, COPPE / UFRJ, UFSCar and several companies, among others, all the research of new materials related to different technological jobs. Scientific papers presented and published in the country and abroad.

Specialization in Business Continuity Plan (Management, Development and testing) by DRI International - USA. Training in the areas of ISO 9000, ISO 14000, OHSAS 18000 and ISO 17799, ISO 17025 in the context aiming Integrated. Waste management consulting. Qualifications in Environmental Management and Emergency Response Actions Chemical, Biological and Nuclear trained at the National Training Center of Emergency "-. 2008, FEMA-USA He is a consultant and professor of Risk Analysis, Crisis Management and Business Continuity Plans, and also acts as an expert and Auditor Directorate of Ports and Coasts for approving specialist and hazardous chemical accredited by the Secretariat Revenue Service of Brazil.

Description of my work:

  The Directorate of Ports and Coasts - DPC is the Executive Technical Authority IMO. I am currently working as Dangerous Goods Specialist in the field of DPC, increasing demands of dangerous goods transport safety and security in the maritime mode. As a concrete response to this work, which directly affect the efficiency need to be addressed to ensure the DG transport and logistics in Brazil.

I am an officer, classified as a lieutenant commander, Retd, Chemical Engineer, representing the IMO Brazilian national authority, with the following activities.

As new steps to meet the need for international rules governing the transport of dangerous goods in ships. This work has persuaded in cooperation with the Committee of Experts of the United Nations and shall take into account the existing maritime practices and procedures. I support maritime security providing IMDG Code - IMO enforce and knowledge.
Having managed many projects with different sizes and complexities in the Navy of Brazil I believe I am able to provide your organization with the state-of-the-art project management

Certifications and approval of products

ISO 9001
ISO 14001
ISO 16106
ISO 1604
ISO 16467
OHSAS 18001
UN - United Nations

My mission with my team:

To explore new growth opportunities
To bring confidence, vitality and happiness to people around me
To boldly go where we have never gone before


Devotion (to the mission)
And endless constant improvement
Positive Leadership

My Team code:

We do the best we can
We do the right thing
We showed people we love


Below I will show you the main area of ​​consulting services that I could give my experience:

Project management:

Implementation PMO
Development Methodology
Project Management
Risk Management
Crisis Management and Projects trobled
Project Audit and Quality Assurance

Risk management:

Risk Management
Risk of quantitative and qualitative analysis and simulations


Work in the direction of Ports and Coasts - DPC AS ENC. divição Approval of Dangerous Goods

Key issues for shipping losgistico

The safety of life at sea
Prevention of Pollution from Ships


Convencion-SOLAS-IMDG code and MARPOL

The basis of my government is to support and protect my country, global supply chain solutions provider dedicated and performance for safe ship transporting hazardous materials. Provide and equip inspections of transport compliance support rigorous and integrated to maximize the safety of navigation.              

The strategic objective of my division is to be the best provider of security support of hazardous materials to our customers. Dealing with knowledge about a Prevention of Accidents (such as the use of risk management tools), we can reduce and deal professionally with risk approach, and providing training for Emergency Plans, we may be able to respond effectively.              

In my opinion, I think the standards of International Logistics and regulations are needed to ensure safe, efficient and secure global supply chain.              

That's the reason I want to be a part of the team's work IMO. Today, at least 150 countries combine merchant fleets represent more than 98% of the use of gross tonnage of the world IMDG CODE as the basis for the regulation of shipping hazardous material (Dangerous Goods Cargo).

Incidentally, their conformity with international standards of dangerous goods transport necessidadee was not completely maintained UET, and then you can have problems such as:

Heavy fines
Increased inspections
Poor international reputation
And increased transportation to shore

My brief cover letter - UN

Edmar Pochmann Magellan, married, chemical engineer reserve officer of the Corps of Engineers of General Staff of the Navy of Brazil, with diversified operations, looking for positions in the labor market, interested in new challenging career opportunities from acquiring qualifications and experience in over twenty-five years of career, to participate in an integrated production process that encourages continuous improvement and growing professional development.              

With a profile designed for technical and management performance in different areas of interest Administration Navy, one becomes highly relevant for many jobs performed in human resource management, team leadership, management, information processing, planning and implementation control of the production, the requirements of technical assistance and training act and activity monitoring technical products production, project management and working with innovative way, research and development in the area of ​​new materials. I have experience working abroad for almost ten years leardship industry skills, ability to work in a team and encourage a good work ethic, never achieve success in different professional positions.              

With basic training in chemical engineering I did graduate in Computer Science - Systems Analysis, MBA in project management and experimental work of the doctoral thesis completed in Spain (Independent University of Madrid-ICV), along with the Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCar). I took several courses in quality management, strategic planning and contemporary management. Throughout my performance was in science, always focusing on the technological application and, within the criteria of innovation, published articles and I presented at conferences in Brazil and other countries.

Credentials in international organizations

My background is as a developer with basic degree in chemical engineering. A profile outlined for technical and management performance in different areas of specialization. I did my post graduation in computer science - systems analysis and MBA in Project Management (PMI-price), Risk Analysis.              

In my last year, especially, I was responsible for providing technical expertise and assistance to the work of the Brazilian Maritime Safety, Marine Environment Protection, answering technical and administrative research related to fire protection, systems engineering, chemical properties of materials and emergency procedures with respect to the applicable requirements of IMO instruments and the preparation of studies and reports, publications, presentations.              

My actual position Navy Authority in Brazil IMO is providing support and technical knowledge in charge with the coordination of the Division of Transportation of Dangerous Goods - Department of Materials. Insofar as the position requires analysis of certain rules and lawsuits, have specific experience in two main areas that are closely related. From the analysis side, I was the product manager for a large system. In that capacity I was in charge with the human resource management, team leadership, information management, processing, planning and implementation of production control. On the other hand, I was in charge with the requirements of technical assistance activities and the act of technical production monitoring, project management and training and working with an approach to shape innovation.              

I have experience working abroad for almost ten years leardship industry skills, ability to work in teams and encourage good ethics, never achieve success in different professional positions. On a more general level, I believe I bring the skills general "technical / administrative" you can have confidence in a candidate that will represent their interests IMO. I trust you would find me to be well spoken, energetic, confident, and personable, the type of person who will trust his people. I also have a wide range of experience of the type that gives you the versatility to place me in a number of contexts with confidence that the level of excellence you expect will be met. In most situations technical decisions must be made within the context of larger business constraints.              

Throughout my career I have strived to keep business issues in front, whether as developer engineering implementation and knowledge to capture defects or problems as soon as possible, or as the Product Manager for an enterprise system, resource allocation and prioritization improvements to meet strategic objectives. Focusing on business imperatives is a core value of mine, which I bring to every project on which I work.

The best option for my own profile is:

Safe and reliable
Decisive and concrete results
Creative problem solver
Technically competent / qualified
Experienced and commercially aware
Excellent communication skills and inter-personal
Sound planning and organizational capabilities
Loyal and determined

Finally, In my opinion we can improve!

In accordance with the IMDG Code, which serves as a base platform for producers and transporters of dangerous goods to grow and develop better and safer overall Brazilian market. I barely struggle to show the Brazilian players who increasingly need to be worried and to improve the need to comply with global requirements of the IMO in accordance with our national laws, that are always updated with IMDG Code.                  

Under the general supervision of the Director of Ports and Coasts, and immediate supervision of the Head of the Department of Material, my mandate to provide technical knowledge associated with a number of other activities that I detail in my work.         

According to this feature, I'm in charge of the following activities:        

Acting often as a consultant on issues related to the standards of the IMDG Code, MARPOL, FTP, SOLAS, LSA, book ORANGE, PURPLE: drafting and editing of documents and reports, including studies and presentations. Provide technical expertise and assistance to the work of the Directorate of Ports and Coasts and SEC-IMO.

Responding to technical and administrative issues related to fire protection, systems engineering, chemical properties of the materials and emergency procedures in accordance with the requirements of IMO instruments.

I am constantly able to carry out specific tasks and missions representing the Authority at national and international events, preparation and presentation of lectures and technical work, if necessary.

I would never be surprised by new types of queries administrative and technical issues related to safety and security of maritime safety and marine environment protection, that sometimes I have to study to get a satisfactory answer. I like that because I always be learning and improving in this area so interesting and relevant.